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2021-01-20 Mobile Devices I'm kind of getting sick of these Google "not optimized for mobile devices" accusiations. All live checks claim that everything's just fine, but the crawler keeps complaining. Thanks a bunch for messing this up.
2021-01-09 Cleanup I've removed entries older than about 10 years from this file. There's not much left now .
2021-01-08 Mobility All pages should now render correctly on mobile devices.
2021-01-06 HTTPS Most HTTP requests will now redirect to HTTPS. I'm absolutely sorry that the related changes intervene with a couple of time stamps (the "last modified" (or whatever) dates you'll see might be misleading and falsely imply that some older pages are still under active maintenance).

Please refer to CHANGELOG.txt from the current snapshot for changes to tac_plus et al. ...

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