Simple Radius Service

Now, what you've found here is a free PERL script implementing a small RADIUS server for anwering authentication queries from Juniper/Netscreen Firewalls.

The program is designed to run as a service on Windows Server 2003, using ActiveDirectory as authentication and authorization (and, if I ever bother to complete the code: accounting) backend. It translates AD group membership (memberOf) to the NS-Group-Member RADIUS VSA, and, if present, uses ActiveDirectory's msRADIUSFramedIPAddress to set the Framed-IP-Address RADIUS attribute.

The comments included in the script will guide you in writing a configuration file and getting the service up and running. In the most trivial case, putting something like

CLIENT mysecret
in a file config.txt in the script directory is sufficient; the script may then be run manually or installed as a service (using the -install switch). Try it manually first -- chances are that some of the required PERL modules aren't installed on your system yet.


Here we go:
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