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2011-08-07 /projects/src/DEVEL.201108071135.tar.bz2 Added support for Cygwin environments.
2011-07-29 /projects/src/DEVEL.201107291622.tar.bz2 More build changes, plus libmavis_group enhancements.
2011-07-23 /projects/src/DEVEL.201107231330.tar.bz2 Major changes in build process and code.
2011-02-27 /projects/src/DEVEL.201102271335.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Support for multiple encryption keys per host, easying key migrations.
2011-02-05 /projects/src/DEVEL.201102051845.tar.bz2 ftpd now supports the current HASH draft, incl. RANG.
2010-08-08 /misc/vrf-aware-gre-tunnel-keepalives/ A short introduction on how to make GRE keepalives work if VRFs are involved.
2010-07-16 /projects/src/DEVEL.201007161216.tar.bz2 Again, Various bug fixes, plus a couple of minor and major enhancements. ftpd now supports the HASH command. tac_plus: ACLs may contain references to other ACLs and may be used for service selection; logging to syslog; atomic logging to files; correct RADIX code. mavis: Streamlined LDAP authentication module. spawnd: Auto-detect path to executable.
2009-12-27 /projects/src/DEVEL.200912271100.tar.bz2 Various bug fixes and a couple minor enhancements. Highlights: dropped Cywin support; added SCTP (1-to-1 sockets) support; dates in ACLs may be given in Taylor-UUCP format.
2009-10-18 /projects/src/DEVEL.200910181329.tar.bz2 Event-handling fixes, mostly.
2009-08-13 /projects/src/DEVEL.200908131728.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Added various authentication backends (ActiveDirectory, SMS, ...)
2009-07-11 /projects/src/DEVEL.200907111311.tar.bz2 Fix exit code propagation/evaluation.
2009-07-04 /projects/src/DEVEL.200907042233.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Support scriptable ACLs.
2009-07-02 /projects/src/DEVEL.200907021957.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Cleanup condition parsing code; fixes for related memory handling issues
2009-06-28 /projects/src/DEVEL.200906282047.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Context-sensitivity for CLI commands, e.g. for limiting interface sub-commands to specific interfaces.
2009-06-18 /projects/src/DEVEL.200906181618.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Support lwres for DNS reverse mapping queries.
2009-06-10 /projects/src/DEVEL.200906101922.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Add optional delay if password verification fails.
2009-05-31 /projects/src/DEVEL.200905311944.tar.bz2 Built-in scripting language for MAVIS modules.
2009-04-16 /projects/src/DEVEL.200904161947.tar.bz2 Move spawnd functionality to mavis library and make ftpd, tac_plus and tcprelay run standalone.
2009-04-13 /projects/src/DEVEL.200904131200.tar.bz2 Heads up: Unified configuration files and syntax. One single configuration file for spawnd, server processes and backend modules. Quite a lot of code and documentation changes.
2009-03-21 /projects/src/DEVEL.200903212003.tar.bz2 All: Dropped CURL support, plus code cleanup to get rid of icc-11.0 compiler warnings. tac_plus: Improved enable password handling (might work with broken TACACS+ implementations).
2009-03-14 /projects/src/DEVEL.200903141251.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Add ACL caching.
2009-03-13 /projects/src/DEVEL.200903132153.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Add ACLs, while trying to keep things as compatible to previous versions as possible. Added Railroad diagrams to the documentation which really blew up the size of the distribution, apologies for that.
2009-03-01 /projects/src/DEVEL.200903011855.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Support type-7 decryption.
2009-02-28 /projects/src/DEVEL.200902241937.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Support enable using login password (e.g. via RADIUS).
2009-02-24 /projects/src/DEVEL.200902241937.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Experimental support for host dependent services (service@hostgroup).
2009-01-28 /projects/src/DEVEL.200901281916.tar.bz2 tac_plus: IPv6 is now fully supported.
2008-12-28 /projects/src/DEVEL.200812281203.tar.bz2 tac_plus, ftpd et al.: CYGWIN support (kind-of; not recommended for production use)
2008-10-26 /projects/src/DEVEL.200810261025.tar.bz2 tac_plus: code sync
2008-09-21 /projects/src/DEVEL.200809211328.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Add time-based group memberships.
2008-09-07 /projects/src/DEVEL.200809071650.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Updated documentation
2008-08-28 /projects/src/DEVEL.200808281330.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Changed host inheritance code ... again. Looks pretty sane now :-)
2008-08-27 /projects/src/DEVEL.200808270934.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Fixed a potential SEGV, and introduce "mode = orphan" to stop hosts from inheriting stuff from supernets.
2008-08-26 /projects/src/DEVEL.200808261935.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Explicit md5crypt support, plus bug fixes in parser. Inheritance for host definitions now actually works as documented (e.g., define something at, and all hosts in this network will inherit key, prompt and/or enable passwords, unless a more specific definition exists -- see the "Recursion and Hosts" chapter in the documentation). Furthermore, client (or NAS) IP restrictions in user and group definitions now function properly and as expected.
2008-08-19 /projects/src/DEVEL.200808192000.tar.bz2 Due to some glitch in the packaging script the XML source files were omitted. Fixed that. tac_plus: Support explicit "deny" of authentications, and allow for group specific enable passwords.
2008-08-18 /projects/src/DEVEL.200808171352.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Support for mixed user configurations (user defined in configuration file, authentication via external backend, e.g. LDAP or RADIUS).
2008-06-01 /projects/src/DEVEL.200806011032.tar.bz2 ftpd: sendfile support for MacOS, mmap transfers fixed.
2008-05-24 /projects/src/DEVEL.200805241819.tar.bz2 Removed nested functions -- modern systems don't like stack-executable code :-( Call PCRE functions directly, not via pcreposix wrapper. Compiles and runs under Solaris (SXDE 01/08). No longer requires GCC to compile.
2008-05-22 /projects/src/DEVEL.200804201457.tar.bz2 New primary development platform (iMac); changed documentation to DocBook; dropped support for pop3d and lmtpd; added support for MacOS 10.5. Compiles and runs on 64bit systems (well, NetBSD did in fact kernel panic, so take that with a grain of salt, but Darwin, FreeBSD and OpenBSD did run both the 32bit and 64bit versions just fine, and 32bit worked for NetBSD, too. Didn't test Sun Solaris yet). Probably broke several ancient OS versions, don't know, don't care ...
2007-06-17 /openbsd/polling/ Experimental DEVICE_POLLING support for OpenBSD.
2007-05-28 /projects/src/DEVEL.200705281218.tar.bz2 tac_plus: One-time password support (OPIE), and eventually some minor bug fixes.
2007-03-10 /projects/src/DEVEL.200703101548.tar.bz2 tac_plus: user specific enable passwords are supported.
2007-01-01 /misc/radiusd/ A small and simple RADIUS service for Windows, supporting ActiveDirectory and NetScreen specific RADIUS attributes
2006-11-18 /projects/src/DEVEL.200611181006.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Streamlined accounting log sub-system now permits logging to pipes/commands. Handle with care.
2006-09-24 /projects/src/DEVEL.200609241607.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Unspecified minor changes and enhancements.
2006-08-20 /projects/src/DEVEL.200608201609.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Add system password backend.
2006-06-02 /projects/src/DEVEL.200606021052.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Support shell wildcard patterns in configuration file, where appropriate.
2006-04-18 /projects/src/DEVEL.200604181956.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Enable recursive NAC address lookups.
2006-03-26 /openbsd/gpio/ added "-n" switch to keep gpioflicker from permanently occupying the GPIO device; version number updated to 0.3.
2006-03-02 /projects/src/DEVEL.200603021633.tar.bz2 Various changes and bug fixes for tac_plus. In particular, the default command directive should now work as expected.
2006-02-22 /projects/src/DEVEL.200602221421.tar.bz2 Permit user messages in tac_plus command definitions.
2006-02-21 /projects/src/DEVEL.200602212013.tar.bz2 Again, various tac_plus changes and bug fixes -- streamlined parser, dropped legacy configuration support, updated documentation, ...
2006-01-29 /projects/src/DEVEL.200601291340.tar.bz2 Documentation update.
2006-01-28 /projects/src/DEVEL.200601281926.tar.bz2 Various tac_plus changes.
2006-01-02 /projects/src/DEVEL.200601021629.tar.bz2 Various fixes and improvements in rb-tree code, tac_plus and ftpd.
2005-12-27 /projects/src/DEVEL.200512261615.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Authorization code cleanup and fixes.
2005-12-24 /projects/src/DEVEL.200512241242.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Support for PCRE, code cleanup, bug fixes.
2005-12-18 /projects/src/DEVEL.200512181617.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Changes in configuration parser, plus minor fixes.
2005-11-27 /misc/sso/ mod_auth_ldap_cookie: A Single Sign-on module for Apache (HTTPS only, LDAP backend)
2005-11-27 /projects/src/DEVEL.200511271110.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Minor code restructuring, bug fixes, localized debugging, removed maxsession stubs.
2005-11-09 /projects/src/DEVEL.200511092125.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Add support for access log.
2005-10-21 /projects/src/DEVEL.200510211926.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Fix potential SEGV in password change code. Avoid dynamic password lookups for static users.
2005-10-19 /projects/src/DEVEL.200510191646.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Fix password and host configuration parsing.
2005-10-15 /projects/src/DEVEL.200510151200.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Actually remove expired cache entries from memory. No updates on the maxsess code, and don't expect any for the time coming.
2005-09-29 /projects/src/DEVEL.200509291345.tar.bz2 tac_plus: maxsess related bug fixes
2005-09-18 /projects/src/DEVEL.200509181300.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Fix potential SEGV in password change code. Plus first steps towards a sane maxsess implementation (may work but is completely untested). No ETA on this.
2005-09-05 /projects/src/DEVEL.200509051707.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Code clean-up, plus some bug fixes ... handle with care, major changes in authorization and configuration code.
2005-08-30 /projects/src/DEVEL.200508301541.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Enhance host syntax; RADIX code is back again (but disabled for efficiency reasons).
2005-08-24 /projects/src/DEVEL.200508241848.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Add/document template, alias, name in host context. Remove buggy RADIX tree code.
2005-08-06 /projects/src/DEVEL.200508061215.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Avoid potential SEGV.
2005-08-01 /projects/src/DEVEL.200508011825.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Documentation update.
2005-07-31 /projects/src/DEVEL.200507311332.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Minor fixes.
2005-07-31 /openbsd/gpio/ Tarball now comes with a man page; gpioflicker supports -r switch to invert pin state; updated version number to 0.2.
2005-07-25 /openbsd/gpio/ Added versioning to tarball, and s/boxen/systems/.
2005-07-24 /projects/src/DEVEL.200507241500.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Major documentation update.
2005-07-23 /projects/src/DEVEL.200507230925.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Improved checking for buffer overflows.
2005-07-21 /projects/src/DEVEL.200507211841.tar.bz2 tac_plus: Fixed SEGV in authorization code.
2005-07-18 /projects/src/DEVEL.200507181700.tar.bz2 Fixed compilation warnings; minor tac_plus fixes.
2005-06-28 /projects/src/DEVEL.200506281103.tar.bz2 Various small bug fixes; removed some stuff, notably ldap and pgsql modules (use the external module, plus some Perl code, instead); added tac_plus to tarball.
2005-02-27 /projects/src/DEVEL.200502270942.tar.bz2 Update globbing code.
2005-01-20 /projects/src/DEVEL.200501201700.tar.bz2 FTP daemon: Various bugs fixed, plus support for MODE Z. Sigh ... I had to use a Windows client to test the deflate transmission mode, no such beast available for real operating systems :-/
2005-01-09 /openbsd/pppoe/, /openbsd/pppoe/pppoe-20041211.patch -current finally has a higher AUTHNAMELEN value, can omit this from patch.
2005-01-05 /projects/src/DEVEL.200501051512.tar.bz2 Allocate scheduling data structures on the fly. Take care, "guinea pig" release.
2005-01-03 /projects/src/DEVEL.200501032219.tar.bz2 Support "event ports" on Sun Solaris 10.
2004-12-17 /openbsd/pppoe/ Add patch for ifstated.
2004-12-11 /openbsd/pppoe/ Major cleanup.
2004-11-18 /misc/zone/ A CGI for editing ISC BIND DNS zones.
2004-09-01 /about.html Now at TSI
2004-08-07 /projects/src/DEVEL.200408071231.tar.bz2 New development snapshot, minor internal API changes
2004-07-25 /openbsd/pppoe/ Straighten out that the code won't make it into the kernel.
2004-07-23 /projects/ Moved some files to src and pdf subdirs, added comment about PDF generation
2004-07-21 /projects/src/DEVEL.200407211839.tar.bz2 New development snapshot, tcprelay documentation update
2004-07-20 /projects/src/DEVEL.200407202011.tar.bz2 New development snapshot, syslogs tcprelay configuration errors
2004-07-19 /projects/src/DEVEL.200407191854.tar.bz2 New development snapshot, fixes a potential SEGV in tcprelay
2004-07-04 /openbsd/pppoe/pppoe.tar.gz src/sys/net/if_ppp.c update from NetBSD
2004-07-03 /openbsd/gpio/ Added -I switch to gpioflicker, updated tarball
2004-07-02 /openbsd/pppoe/quick-and-dirty.html Updated tarball to utilized new timer model (use time_second instead of mono_time)
2004-07-02 /openbsd/gpio/ added signal handlers for USR1/USR2 to gpioflicker, updated tarball
2004-06-27 whole site Added "NO ePATENTS" footer
2004-06-26 /openbsd/ipsec/index.html New isakmpd/util.c diff for -current
2004-06-14 /openbsd/gpio/gpioflicker.tar.gz Minor robustness fix
2004-06-13 /openbsd/gpio/ Added GPIO stuff
2004-06-10 /openbsd/pppoe/index.html Link to NetBSD-based PPPoE port
2004-06-10 /openbsd/pppoe/quick-and-dirty.html Re-added NetBSD-based PPPoE port
2004-06-05 /projects/src/DEVEL.200406051515.tar.bz2 New development snapshot

Trivial changes are deliberately omitted.

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